about MARGIE

Margie Manogue-Lillich is a certified holistic nutrition consultant specializing in women's health and body positivity.  Margie grew up in Ukiah, CA struggling with her weight and eating disorders.  She began studying nutrition as a teenager and dabbled for many years.  She graduated from The University of the Arts with a bachelor's degree in ceramics and, feeling that it was not her calling to become a working artist, began searching for her next passion.  After her father passed away from heart disease in 2013, Margie decided to dedicate her life to health and wellness.  She found Bauman College and earned a certification as a holistic nutrition consultant.  Learning how to nourish her body and mind has helped her heal and she lives to pass that knowledge and good energy on to her clients.  Margie encourages her clients to find their healthiest selves through love, self compassion and self care.   

what is body Positivity?

Body positivity is the idea that you are enough just as you are and you can always find ways to love your body.  Body positivity is the idea that in order to love yourself you practice radical and unapologetic self-care.  You listen to your body and ask it all the time, "what do you NEED?  What FEELS right?"  Eat foods that nourish your body and learn to indulge without guilt and shame.  Appreciate all the things your body does to keep you ALIVE and check in with your body to learn what you can do to live VITALLY.  Move your body in ways that brings you into joy and celebrates your life and this moment.  Love your body for what it is NOW.  Change is inevitable.  Can you accept whatever those changes may be?  Can you see all those changes as lessons, as improvements regardless of what they are?  I can.  I can show you.

my mission

I dream of a world where we are all vital and healthy.  I dream of a world where we don't die of preventable disease.  I dream of a world where we can love our bodies not in spite of, but because of our flaws.  I dream of a world where our children grow up happy and strong.  I dream of a world where we can eat to live and live to eat.  I dream of a world where we don't live in a state of pain and sickness, but thrive in a state of health and wellness.