Wellness Classes at Orchard Nursery

FREE Wellness and Nutrition Classes at Orchard Nursery!

Eat for Good Health

Many of us crave new ways to support our bodies with high quality nutrition and lifestyle.  Are you trying to find information on the best food choices?  Do you strive for renewed energy, allergy control, weight management or better eating habits?

Be inspired to expand healthy changes in your life patterns by signing up for this free life-changing health and wellness program.  During these four free sessions you’ll learn the foundations of nutrition and why they are essential for a life of optimal quality and vitality.

Shrug off old habits and kick start your way to a newer and healthier life!

Where - Orchard Nursery &Florist, 4010 Mount Diablo Blvd, Lafayette, CA

When - August 18th & 25th and September 1st & 8th – 6-7pm

Join us for orientation on August 11th at 6pm.